How much is JUNO worth?

After hours JUNO price is about $65. There are 114M shares outstanding giving it a market cap of about $7.4B.

In my opinion, JUNO should be worth more than KITE. It has better efficacy and better safety. Drug is not yet approved but I think there’s a VERY high chance of approval, probably later this year or in early 2019.

This is all speculation but I think a $65 acquisition price is too low. At that price, you might see another suitor. CELG won’t let JUNO go to another company. A $100 acquisition price would mean a market cap of $11.4B which is in the ballpark of what GILD paid for KITE. My guess is that JUNO will ultimately sell for $100. But again this is merely speculation and I’m not betting on it. I’m just holding my existing shares for now.



Hi Chris,

Thank you very much for your previous posts on JUNO. I initiated a pilot position two weeks ago after reading them.

I agree with you that JUNO is worth $100 per share. But I am not 100% sure either. Considering that $65 only reflects the market expectation of JUNO after a huge decrease since ASH last December, I think the probability for $100 is higher than that of $65.

Overall, I will hold my position.