How Norway Got Insanely Rich

16 min video explains how Norway avoided the economic “oil curse” that has befouled almost every other nation with oil & mineral wealth.

I worked for Exxon in Norway in the early 1980’s and executives continually complained that the Gov’t was “too controlling” and “heavily regulated”. Every once and a while someone would even say “we had it better in Venezuela. (before nationalization)”

Of course, the Norwegians were the model for the future.



Of course, the Norwegians were the model for the future.


Somewhat amusingly, at one point the Norwegian government announced they would stop producing oil completely in the near future. Someone must have had a talk to them behind the woodshed axe in hand as shortly after they corrected that to “reduce” production.

Then of course they are also a major (third largest globally) exporter of Nat gas that they will not be reducing before 2050 … if ever.

Vikings if anything are very pragmatic, someone has to pay for all those highly subsidized Tesla cars?…

Norway should start phasing out oil and gas production – now
Wealthy Norway gladly projects a squeaky green image to the wider world. But Norway can not be a world leader in climate protection without gradually winding down its fossil fuel extraction industry – starting now.

The commander of the Software Support Center on the AWACs base in Germany where I worked as a military programmer for three years was a Norwegian General. He once told me that if he wasn’t already a Norwegian he would have liked to be Canadian. }};-D


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