How to build a 21st Century car

It’s not often that Sandy Munro goes Gaga but he does about Giga-castings!

Giga Castings with Sandy | Evolution of Tesla Bodies In White

Sandy and Cory discuss the evolution of Model 3 and Model Y bodies in white over the last five years. Sandy points out the massive advancements that have been made and encourages other OEMs to pursue similar efficiency and lean design.

Under 18 minutes

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$TSLA up 32.4% in July, from $673.42 to $891.45


Thanks Denny!

Gotta love a video of hard core extremely demanding Deming detail perfectionist engineer going totally gaga googoo over a car body.

I learned a lot too.

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David, how did robots put seats in a car on the assembly line?

The 21st Century way:

Tesla Model Y 4680 Structural Pack OUT!!!

We dropped the structural battery pack out of our new Tesla Model Y.

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Too sweet!

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Until VW fired Herbert Diess VW & Ford were competing for second place in the Western EV makers race. VW has very complex management and ownership structures and Herbert Diess did not survive them, too many competing interests to satisfy while talking VW kicking and screaming into the EV future. Ford’s structures are simpler and Jim Farley took the critical step of separating the waring interests, legacy vs EVs, into separate entities to reduced the kind of friction that got Diess fired – Ford Blue and Ford Model e. Looking back in time, Lockheed did a similar move by creating the Skunk Works where the innovators could work undisturbed by the legacy people.

Sandy Munro used to work at Ford and is one of Dr. Deming’s outstanding disciples. Deming was “Considered by many to be the master of continual improvement of quality, as well as their overall operation…”* In the linked interview Ford CEO Jim Farley, Chief Engineer Linda Zhang, and Chief EV Officer Doug Field visit with Sandy Munro to discuss the company’s and the industry’s future (50 minutes).

Ford Interview | CEO Jim Farley, Chief Engineer Linda Zhang, and Chief EV Officer Doug Field

Jim Farley, Linda Zhang and Doug Field deliver Munro & Associates a Ford F-150 Lightning and sit down for an interview with Sandy and Cory!

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Announcing Ford Blue™ and Ford Model e™