How to Exit A Painful Position - LSPD Lessons

As painful as it was, this was a good real-world example of how to leave the emotions at the door when it was decision time for one of my companies.

Reinforced lessons:

  1. Pay attention and be ready when one of my companies releases earnings. Listen to the call and be prepared to decision-make if there is a significant shift. (no small feat on West Coast for a.m. earnings releases).

  2. Don’t focus on one position’s gain or loss. It’s ONLY about the future. For me, it helped by focusing on my portfolio performance as a whole and not getting Parallax Paralysis by staring at the P/L of LSPD itself.

Why I sold out of LSPD

  1. The thesis changed. The growth that I believed I was paying a premium for was invalidated

  2. The complexity of the company obscures my ability to analyze and forecast future revenue. I was flying blindly

How am I re-deploying?

I added to MNDY and have added to my starter position in AMPL (better growth, earnings Nov 9).