Hungarian autocracy in full bloom

The United States is concerned by the Hungarian government’s decision today to enact a new law which equips the Hungarian government with draconian tools that can be used to intimidate and punish those with views not shared by the ruling party. The “Sovereign Defense Authority” could be used to subject Hungarian citizens, businesses, and organizations to intrusive investigations with no judicial oversight, even if they have had no contact with or support from a foreign government or foreign entity. This new law is inconsistent with our shared values of democracy, individual liberty, and the rule of law.

Concern with Hungary’s Sovereign Defense Authority Law - United States Department of State.

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We are waiting for Orban to pass of old age.

Hungary is being very small. We have that here as well. Very very small.

We need to see it in others to see it in ourselves.

The US has hurt itself from 1981 to 2020.