Hungarian government disgraces itself again - by stalling on approval of Sweden's entry into NATO

Hungary, the last holdout blocking Sweden’s entry into NATO, thumbed its nose over the weekend at the United States, declining to meet with a bipartisan delegation of senators who had come to press the government of Prime Minister Viktor Orban to swiftly approve the Nordic nation’s entry into the military alliance.

After more than 18 months of foot-dragging, Hungary has come under intense pressure from the United States and other members of the 31-nation alliance to accept Sweden, whose military is far bigger and more sophisticated than that of Hungary.

Mr. Tillis urged Hungary, which has opposed sending weapons to Ukraine and maintains cordial relations with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, to understand that “Putin’s actions are the reason we are expanding NATO.” Every member of the alliance, he said, “should understand that the response to Vladimir Putin’s hostility should be a stronger NATO, and there is no better way to do that than to admit Sweden.”

Hungary’s inaction has caused widespread bewilderment, particularly in Sweden, which has provided Mr. Orban’s country with Swedish-made warplanes that form the backbone of its air force. Pro-government news media outlets in Hungary have suggested that Mr. Orban was holding out to get a better deal on Swedish-made Gripen fighters. But diplomats see that as a story largely ginned up to explain otherwise inexplicable delays that have severely damaged Hungary’s reputation as a reliable ally and secured it no clear benefits in return.

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Is there a defined process for removing a country from NATO?

If so, it sounds like trading Hungary for Sweden would be a good trade.


Why worry about Russia in Europe?

Start worrying about Russia in the Levant.

Don’t let down your guard.

Why do you think there are several groups of Palestinians? Some stayed put and are Israeli citizens. Some went to Jordan and live with Israel in peace. Many listened to Arab leaders supported and supplied by Russia…till this day. The Muslim Brotherhood with Iran are just one more tool for Russia. I am not denying Palestinian claims but looking at why this is a proxy war between the West and Russia.

Orban will relent later on. We can not pull the immature we just got stood up on a first date every time there is a voice of descent in NATO.

Our bruised little egos can get over it.

Yes Orban is frustrating.

Israel has yet to enact sanctions against Russia for invasion of Ukraine.

Shows that Israel is not worried about Russia in the Levant, and Israel does not want to be part of the Biden coalition of nations to sanction Russia. Israel is being two faced just like Hungary.

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So why is Israel not part of the West war against Russia?

I am not denying Palestinian claims but looking at why this is a proxy war between the West and Russia.

  1. Israel is a strategic partner of the United States and has received bilateral assistance and missile defense funding from the U.S. From this perspective, Israel is Western-aligned and thus incentivized to pose a pro-Ukrainian stance on the conflict.
  2. According to the [Congressional Research Service], “Israel is the largest cumulative recipient of U.S. foreign assistance since World War II.”
  3. The Biden administration requested $3.3 billion in Foreign Military Assistance for Israel in fiscal year 2022.
  4. Ukraine is home to 200,000 Jews who could migrate to Israel and obtain Israeli citizenship under the Law of Return.
  5. Simultaneously, Israel coordinates with Russia on select military operations, particularly in Syria.
  6. Israel shares its northern border with Syria, where Russia has served as an integral partner in backing the Syrian government in effort to combat militant and terrorist activity since 2015.
  7. In Syria, there are Iranian backed fighters, such as Hezbollah, who also support the Syrian government but pose a threat to Israel’s national security.
  8. As a result, Israel must liaise with Russia when the Israeli Air Force conducts airstrikes against these Iranian-backed fighters. The strikes are often aimed at disrupting the transportation route of weapons intended to be used against Israel.
  9. Due to these geopolitical considerations, Israel strives to remain on positive terms with conflicting nations, each of whom serve as a major player in Israel’s international and security objectives.

India is not a part of it either. But the oil flows to India at a lower price. The Western Cartel has seen to that.

(Why are ties between Russia and Israel ‘at lowest point since fall of the Soviet Union’? | Russia | The Guardian)

What we do not know, there is Israeli telecommunications gear in Russia. Israel might be a backdoor into spying for the CIA on Russia.

Poor excuse? Perhaps unless the CIA is feeding information to Ukrainian leadership.

There is not only one level to this game. Outward appearances are minor.

Ever heard of “Looking out for Number One?”

The Captain


Yes from idiots like Trump and Putin.


LOL! Silliest story I have heard since Trump’s last lamments about his troubles.

You do not know.

Israel supplies communications gear. If Israel does not China will.

The CIA likes communications gear.

Isreal takes free money from USA and sells communications gear to Russia. Thus doing business with the enemy of USA.

I tink the USA is a sucker and the taxpayers in America end up paying Israel for Israel to make money from our enemy. I think we should sanction Israel instead of providing more money.


You can tink all you like. You are very subjective.

Meanwhile back on the ranch.

If you care at least give equal time to all Arab causes and lives.