Hunker Down Americans

Interesting article written by Piper Sandler’s Nancy Lazar:


Interesting read. Lots of points had merit. I had not previously heard of Nancy Lazar so I did a quick search. One of the first results of her past work:

Note the date: 7/6/2021


I am very optimistic about the U.S. economic backdrop and by the back half of 2022, we should achieve some sort of clear sustained expansion…

There are two reasons [why inflation is temporary]. One is supply will eventually catch up with demand in most sectors. The other is that consumers expect that the supply will catch up and are now signaling that they are not willing to pay the higher prices in the interim.

Meh. I continue to lose confidence in the ability of Economists to accurately predict the future. Smart lady, but why is she going to be any more correct about hunkering down than she was about transitory inflation or the assumed unwillingness of consumers to pay higher prices (which they clearly were)? :man_shrugging:t3:


As an ex-university lecturer in economics I never had much confidence in economists in the first place. Strange people economists :slight_smile:

But then, can anyone predict the future?

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