Hyperloop Company to go Public?


Is this a Musk company? No mention of his name.

"HyperloopTT, a Los Angeles-based company that operates a licensing platform for hyperloop technology, yesterday announced plans to merge with Forest Road Acquisition Corp.

Following the merger’s closing, the new company will go public as Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, HyperloopTT officials said in a press release. Current HyperloopTT CEO Andres de Leon will stay in his executive role, along with other management employees."

Here’s what I found →

Easy Peasy.

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Funny thing, decades ago when I still subscribed to Popular Mechanics and Scientific American, I fantasized about subways in vacuum tunnels and even long distance trains that would “drop” into straight tunnels that ended in distant continents – gravity doing the work, like pendulums. Half a century later is it happening?

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The earth’s crust is only about 25-miles (40-kilometers) thick. Oh well.

So I found out and came up with a solution! Go down to a certain depth and then follow the earth’s curvature. :wink:

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We kind of do that already … except we go UP a certain distance and then follow the earth’s curvature. :rofl:

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My solution starts with a gravity assist. Yours needs antigravity! .


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