I always wanted a Harley

Harley-Davidson decided to do their own financing a while ago and are now suffering losses as people have stopped making the payments and they can’t get enough repo men:

All those shiny, new Harley-Davidsons you’ve probably seen (and heard) running around since the pandemic? Like their car counterparts — and nearly just as expensive — many of them are likely not being paid for either. We’re focusing on Harley specifically because the American motorcycle manufacturer says it suffered credit losses in the first quarter because people aren’t paying on their loans, and there are just not enough repo men to repossess its bikes.


Not enough repo men! But the economy is OK, it really is :slight_smile:


The baby boom depression v the Millennial recession.


Oh no - there aren’t enough repo men!! Sell all your stock; grab the money out of your bank; hide the children; where’s grandma?



Harley has been on the decline. Motorcycles have become less popular with each generation. There aren’t enough newer and younger motorcyclists to replace the older ones who pass away or stop riding motorcycles. Furthermore, there is a large supply of low-mileage slightly-used Harleys competing with the brand new ones.

In other words, Harley is the new Oldsmobile.


From the “JC” viewpoint “there was nothing wrong with our lending decisions. All our decisions are perfect. The problem is no-one wanna work”.


That’s how GE and a bunch of other companies got into trouble in 2008. Stick to your knitting and leave financing to banks.

The Captain


I quite liked them as well :slight_smile:


What does this mean?



For years now many of the Harley sales were to the boomers reliving their past youth.

The Millennials are not retired and living off their savings. The Millennials are buying equities at lower costs than 1.5 years ago and mostly earning a decent living. Yes the Millennials are having a harder time than 1.5 years ago but their incomes will be going up most years for the rest of the next decade.

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Many in the medical field call them “donor cycles”. I’ve ridden motorcycles a couple times and loved it but have seen too many bad results. Then throw in all the dumb people using smart phones leading to distracted driving accidents, no thank you. Friends who still ride say it is a question of when not if you will be involved in a wreck.