I Am not Tracking any Stocks

How do I start tracking individual stock boards?

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Tracking is the equivalent of the old Favorites.

The first step is finding the board you want to follow. The individual stock boards are under the Stocks A to Z Category. Use the Filter and pick that Category. Then click on the All Tags button next to it, and use the Search to find the board. Click on it.

Step two is to mark it as Tracked. At the top, way off to the right, next to New Topic, is a picture of a bell. Click on the bell. The choices it shows are how you can track the company. For companies I want to follow I choose the second one, Tracking. Make your choice.

Finally, to view posts about everything you have Tracked, choose Tracked (under Community) at the top of the left side bar. Use Filters and other controls as needed to get to something specific.