I built a website for this board - is it useful?

Hey everyone

This is my first post and hopefully not the last. I’ve been introduced to this board in 2019 and what a ride it was. Appreciate all the learnings provided by everyone here.

As I started to dive deeper into the methodology of this board, part of this got me thinking as to how I could potentially automate some of the processes in the analysis of the companies that we look at.

So in my spare time, I started making this website:

https://onlyfins.herokuapp.com/ or http://www.techstocks.io/

and for example, if you want to check out DDOG then visit: https://onlyfins.herokuapp.com/ddog or http://www.techstocks.io/ddog
or use the search feature to search for different tickers (eg. CRWD). I recommend using it on desktop.

Also, some companies may have bugs around data presentation or calculation.

I came across a few challenges, especially around the data. If I want data that is complete, up to date, and has a larger data set then I would have to pay more… significantly more (around $40k per year) than what I’m currently paying which is $30 per month. I feel it does the “job” for now and I haven’t looked around much as there are probably cheaper alternatives.

It still has a lot of features to add and a lot of issues to fix around the layout, navigation, and so on.

The hardest part I found was the lack of ARR and such metrics in the data that I receive from an API. This is why we look at actual reports.

And another challenge is more internal, whether this website would be worth of value to the board and whether I should spend more time on it. This brings me to…

Why am I posting this?

To find out whether I should continue the development of such a website? Is this something of use? Or maybe you use tools out there that do the job already? (keen to see what you use)

I would be happy to hear from you about feedback/thoughts etc. If this is something that will be of use then I will review and possibly continue with the development, add features, and so on. And who knows? Create a tool that could be used by the community and beyond.

And if not, then no problema. I will review, most likely shut it down, and move on to new projects.

By the way, the name is just a placeholder, so if you have a better name than the above, let me know :slight_smile:

Off Topic
I realise that this is off-topic and so maybe is best if you could reply to me privately that would be appreciated.


This subject is Off-Topic for this board and the author of the website asked that you respond off board. We have had to delete a dozen of these board polluting posts like: “Very useful tool. Thanks.” Send it to the author off-board if you must, but posting it just fills up the board with junk posts which add nothing.

I would appreciate your cooperation,