I can hear a pin drop

As they say in the UK, lovely day innit:-)))

So how are we all holding up? I’m about 5-6% down mainly due to a rather large holding of aapl and some pot stocks that took a bit of a hit(which is the norm) but the usual suspects actually holding up quite well considering…

So what to do… nothing apart from on the worst day in a few years or so take the wife out for a slap up meal, plenty of booze and celebrate life. And look for more buying opportunities perhaps next week. Rather OT but far too quiet here…


Guess I should feel good about only being down about 2.5% today…and enjoy this meal with my wife (duck and lamb after some beef tartare…maybe more tartare of the lamb and duck don’t stuff me).

You couldn’t make this up…on the cocktail menu is a 666 Special… to celebrate the day I am having one(or 2)and the bar guy tells me it’s Jack Daniels, sambuca, and tequila… in for a great night… rack of lamb as well…


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Per my wife’s reaction, I must have enjoyed my rack of lamb as well.

Today’s drop in the market is almost a relief. The up 1% per day that was the case for a good part of January was definitely unsustainable.


Well, that 34.4% my portfolio was up at the end of January (http://discussion.fool.com/my-january-portfolio-results-32970467…?) 2/3 of it melted away in the past two days due mostly to TSLA and AAPL drops. Now up 22.6%? Up fast, down hard. Not complaining – it’s how it goes. I haven’t changed any of my positions, as nothing important has changed (yet).


I’m pretty well diversified except for a few areas (NVDA was over 12% before Friday, and ABMD was approaching 11%). Overall, I dropped about 2.5%, mainly due to the pull from my not-largest positions. The Apple effect, as it were… can be either really good or really not-good.