I hope everyone is prepped with gold, guns, and goods in cans. The end is nigh

At least that’s what some conspiracy wackos think.


I am not going to be on planet Earth tomorrow. I am taking a day off.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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The test is over, and I’m still not craving brains.

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I turned into a zombie but only for 5 seconds.

Gotta give it some time. The test only affects people with 5G phones according to the theory, and us Luddites here are METAR probably don’t have those yet. So you’ve got to wait for those affected by the test to get to you with the second wave of infection.

Zombies don’t walk very fast, but they’re relentless and will get to you sooner or later. So please be patient.

–Peter <==the logical conspiracy theorist


I have a 4G flip phone and I got the message and the scary “end of the world” tone

Really? My tone was my standard alert tone - nothing out of the ordinary except I have my phone set to ‘mute’ - but I received the alert anyways. Which is good; because my phone generally stays on ‘mute’ all the time.



We’ve had that tone wake us up a couple of times in the middle of the night to let us know that tornados were in our area and to take cover. I appreciate this service. But I also appreciate free COVID tests and vaccines.