I just figured out something

In my Schwab account if I sell off my red stock: NKTR -44%, MU over all gain for account, year to date etc, goes up!!!
Selling my NKTR made my overall gain go from 21% to 25%.
Hmmm, the needle on my baloney detector is in the red zone when it comes to everyone’s “portfolio performance”.
I could be crazy.

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Not MU overall gain.
I meant My overall gain.
Dang auto correct

That is calculating the gain for your present holdings. After selling the NKTR, your loss there is removed, which causes the gain for your present holdings to be up.

what volfan said is correct. To get your time weighted performance got to your accounts tab → portfolio performance. Then you need to set up a report to run on the accounts you want. They will run the report once a day after the market closes.


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