I needed help: Assistant Board Managers

As our wonderful board has gotten more and more active with help from all of you, and as I have become more and more old and senile, it has become harder and harder for me, as one person, to keep up with it all and read every post on each thread, and respond to every inappropriate post and keep threads from getting out of bounds. I therefore asked Bear (PaulWBryant) and Austin (CMFALieberman) to act as Assistant Board Managers when I was not available, and they graciously accepted to take on the extra burden, as it is a lot of work. I really needed help! So please accept their suggestions if they have to question an off-topic thread or post or whatever. And let me know if you would like the job in case one of them wears out, or in case we need another Assistant.

And thanks for your help and cooperation,



I am absolutely thrilled, honored, thankful…all of the above to have even been considered for this so thank you Saul.

The community, knowledge, and empowerment from this board has drastically improved my life and the lives of my family.

My goal is to simply help in any way needed to keep this board thriving far into the future so we can continue impacting lives.



I would like to see the people that post right after Saul says “don’t reply” to stop doing that. “don’t reply” means “DON’T REPLY”


Added one additional Assistant Board Manager, Matt (XMF BreakerForce), who graciously agreed to share part of the burden. Let’s give him a hand of applause as well.