I touched the spreadsheet! Added SNA

OK, I was afraid to touch the spreadsheet, but this morning decided to give it a try. I added Snap-On Tool, (SNA), a company that I own shares of and that is not covered in any Fool service that I know of. I like it because it is based in Wisconsin, Jim Cramer calls it a “stealth-tech” company, I’ve heard the CEO speak and he’s got a great message, and the company has a very strong brand and a dividend. This is not a high growth company but it is a growing company.

Would anyone mind checking to see if I put in the numbers correctly? I just took the reported EPS for the past quarters. Is that all there is to it or am I supposed to use other numbers?

Did my changes take? Thanks so much!!


It came out with a 1.2 YPEG and a Year over Year eps growth of 18% if I did this correctly.

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Link to spreadsheet here:


If anyone is interested, here is a copy of the 1yPEG spreadsheet I have been keeping. There are probably around 100 names that are not on Kevin’s. Not all of it is updated to the current quarter, but it is clear which ones have not.

Link to spreadsheet:



Kudos to Karen for placing her toes in the pond!

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Nick; Thank u for the data. Do u use GAAP or NON_GAAP numbers for quarterly eps? I browsed it through and noticed at least one stock that seems to have GAAP numbers.


I mostly used non-gaap numbers, if you look to the right of the 1YPEG column, I wrote which metrics I used for the companies I input myself.


I guess I have a confession and will say I added CBM. I tried to be really careful and add non-GAAP numbers, and I think I got it right. Looks pretty good, but I am staying out of it for the moment. I just don’t understand it enough to trust the company with my money. I like PAYC and SWKS more.

I did update KORS today as well, and posted this in another board:

From SeekingAlpha:

Underlying growth rates strong at Michael Kors
Michael Kors (NYSE:KORS) reports sales were up 13.4% on a constant currency basis in FQ1.
Retail net sales were up 9% to $523M (+16% constant currency).
Wholesale sales rose 4.2% to $424M (+9.7% constant currency).
Licensing revenue +20.5% to $38.7M.
Sales in Europe were up 17% to $217M (+42% constant currency).
Gross profit rate -100 bps to 61.2% as F/X swings played in.
Operating margin fell 490 bps to 25.2%, driven lower by the retail segment.
Guidance: Michael Kors sees FQ2 revenue of $1.06B-$1.08B vs. $1.11B consensus.
Previously: Michael Kors Holdings beats by $0.12, beats on revenue
KORS +6.61% premarket to $42.10.

Michael Kors Holdings beats by $0.12, beats on revenue
Michael Kors Holdings (NYSE:KORS): FQ1 EPS of $0.87 beats by $0.12.
Revenue of $985.98M (+7.3% Y/Y) beats by $42.02M.
Shares +7.68% PM.

TTM Earnings:
2013: .71 1.11
2014: .78 .91 1.00 1.48
2015: .96 .87

2013: $740 $1012
2014: $917 $919 $1056 $1314
2015: $1081 $986