I'd like to make a suggestion

I’d like to make a suggestion. We are getting overwhelmed with coronavirus posts!

I know that we are in the midst of a pandemic, which is affecting all of us, and all of our companies, in one way or another, so I know that there is a great temptation to make coronavirus posts, but I’d like you to distinguish between two types of pandemic and coronavirus posts.

This is a board for discussing our stocks after all. So I’d like to say that for now, posts about, and discussion about how are stocks will be affected, are okay for the board. For example Zoom, giving out lots of free apps, will it be overwhelmed with expense servicing them, or will the benefits outweigh the expenses? Or ROKU/TTD. Will the closing of many stores kill them or will they be saved by more home TV watching/more election spending? These are okay discussions for our board, even better if they are discussions backed by some figures and not just opinions.

On the other hand, posts about which kind of facemask or respirator is superior, and whether or not wearing smooth plastic gloves will help, or hurt, attempts to ward off the corona virus, and what to do while you are stuck at home, and … well you get the point, are simply not for our board!

I hope that this sounds reasonable. At any rate we will try to enforce it (gently).

Best wishes and stay well,