Ideas To Look Over from MoffetNathanson

The analysts from MoffetNathanson went on an INITIATION of Ratings for software & SaaS stocks yesterday.

The list of BUYs will interest everyone on this board as there are some new names to add to your old names which most of you own. If you can lay hands on MoffetNathanson research, the new names might be a place to drop some of your dd:


Symbol  Company                               Analyst Firm Downgrading           Initial Recommendation
CRWD	CrowdStrike	                      MoffettNathanson	                 BUY      *
DDOG	Datadog	                              MoffettNathanson	                 BUY      *
GTLB	GitLab	                              MoffettNathanson	                 BUY      *
IOT	Samsara	                              MoffettNathanson	                 BUY      *
NET	Cloudflare	                      MoffettNathanson	                 BUY      *
PCOR	Procore Technologies	              MoffettNathanson	                 BUY      *
RNG	RingCentral	                      MoffettNathanson	                 BUY      *
SNOW	Snowflake	                      MoffettNathanson	                 BUY      *

ADBE	Adobe	                              MoffettNathanson	                 Hold
ADSK	Autodesk	                      MoffettNathanson	                 SELL
ASAN	Asana	                              MoffettNathanson	                 Market Perform
DOCU	DocuSign	                      MoffettNathanson	                 Underperform
DT	Dynatrace	                      MoffettNathanson	                 Hold
INTU	Intuit	                              MoffettNathanson	                 Outperform
LAW	CS Disco	                      MoffettNathanson	                 Outperform
LZ	[](	                      MoffettNathanson	                 Underperform
MNDY	[](	                      MoffettNathanson	                 Outperform
MSFT	Microsoft	                      MoffettNathanson	                 Hold
NCNO	nCino	                              MoffettNathanson	                 Market Perform
NOW	ServiceNow	                      MoffettNathanson	                 Hold
OKTA	Okta	                              MoffettNathanson	                 SELL
SMAR	Smartsheet	                      MoffettNathanson	                 Outperform
ZM	Zoom Video	                      MoffettNathanson	                 SELL
ZS	Zscaler	                              MoffettNathanson	                 Hold…

p.s. Today’s the day we migrate to the new boards around 6PM. Good luck to us all. I’m actually hoping for better, more dynamic use of a search engine for our research. Fingers crossed.