If earning year over year are down?

Here are some numbers of a company I won’t name yet.

Earnings per share last 8 quarters

6/30/15 $.79
3/31/15 $.62
12/31/14 $.67
9/30/14 $.58
Total of last 4 quarters earnings is $ 2.66

The 4 quarters before are:

6/30/14 $.66
3/31/14 $.57
12/31/13 $1.15
9/30/13 $1.13
Total of the previous 4 quarters earnings was $3.51

The share price on Friday 8/7/15 closed at $67.62

Increase/decrease in earnings year over year is $-.85

The growth rate is -75.78%

If the earning drop year over year, is it correct the growth rate is negative?

And, if so, what would the 1YPEG be? Would it be -.33?

There is a reason why the earnings dropped like they did. It was from a large acquisition. Knowing this, I guess it makes it harder to evaluate the company as a potential investment until you know how the new acquisition adapts into the company.

Please don’t guess at what company this is. I will tell you later in the week.



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Those are Gaap earnings?


Those are Gaap earnings?

I used the non-GAAP EPS.


If those are non-Gaap EPS Mazske the acquisition should have been removed from the earnings. So if the earnings are down YoY and it isn’t from the acquisition I would be very leary of hanging onto the company.