If Nature is against us, we shall fight Nature and make it obey. Simón Bolívar

Simón José Antonio de la Santísima Trinidad Bolívar y Palacios died this day, December 17, in the year 1830, in Santa Marta, Colombia. After his death La Gran Colombia [Venezuela, Colombia, Panama - a part of Colombia , Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia] fell apart.

He is one of the great historical figures I admire. Caracas suffered a terrible earthquake during Easter in 1812. A clergyman proclaimed that it was god’s punishment for seeking independence from Spain.

Since the earthquake occurred on Maundy Thursday while the Venezuelan War of Independence was raging, it was explained by royalist authorities as divine punishment for the rebellion against the Spanish Crown. The archbishop of Caracas, Narciso Coll y Prat, referred to the event as “the terrifying but well-deserved earthquake” which “confirms in our days the prophecies revealed by God to men about the ancient impious and proud cities: Babylon, Jerusalem and the Tower of Babel”.[4] This prompted the widely quoted answer of Simon Bolivar: “If Nature is against us, we shall fight Nature and make it obey”.
1812 Caracas earthquake - Wikipedia

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