Ignore/Muted feature should work like Facebook's Block feature

If I have someone on ignore/mute, I don’t need to be notified that I have two replies, but one is hidden (I don’t even need to see that I have a hidden reply). Even better would be if they can’t read me and I can’t read them - that way an ignored/muted poster has no incentive (because they can’t read me), to keep replying to my posts.


So I understand what you are saying, but that is just the way they do it on the fool…doc

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Yes, and that is why I am making a post on a page about “how we can improve it” by making a recommendation on how to improve it. :roll_eyes:

What a weird counterpoint.

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Suggesting improvements is a fine idea, but for many ideas it will be futile. The software behind the new TMF boards is a package. All TMF can do is configure it within the parameters provided by the company selling the package. I’m sure that is extensive, but if the feature isn’t there that’s pretty much it.


Sorry Hawkwin, i wasn’t giving you a counterpoint - just a reply. I agree with your point/suggestion however…doc

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