Ignored Fool Yap - Isn't Happening

I had cleaned my ignored list since the massive closing of boards day, so when an old troll shoed up at Liquid Lounge I was surprised to find the frown face isn’t woking… I does sho the troll in my Ignored list, but their postings are no longer greyed out as before… Better yet, as an improvement in this update, would to just have them vanish completely.

As the boards of interest decline, there has to be improvements, right?



Odd. It seems to be working for me. As a test, I just put you on my ignored list, and your posts both here on this still open board and your prior posts on the close Atheist Fools board are greyed out. But maybe I’m misunderstanding the behavior you’re describing.

Check Customize => Favorite/Ignored Fools and see whether the Penalty Box is on. It may have been turned off when you cleared the list.


Ahhh, that was it!! Thank you, so no Ignored, no P-Box…

I wonder when all this will be sorted out…

So far I only see one of the old irritators has reappeared, Graylings need to stay graylings!!

Thank You