I'm buying back Mongo - contrarian signal


Since I’m sometimes the George Costanza of investing (where he succeeded in an episode by doing the opposite of his usual actions), I’m warning you good and helpful people that I’m buying back Mongo, after writing recently that I was taking a nice profit and selling. I happened to see that the share price dipped back to something a tiny bit above my selling price, which was an offer I couldn’t refuse, and the original thesis for buying seems to be still intact.

Also, I had sold because I misunderstood the nature of the good news at the time. I thought it was just an analyst going from bear to bull, but it was really the earnings report that was the good news.

I don’t really expect Mongo longs to head for the exists, but I was asked (maybe even partly seriously) how you would know when I would be buying.


I’m in the same camp; I haven’t added to my SHOP position because I know the moment I do they’ll take a 20% dip.

Thanks for the heads up, I’ll buy more MDB if they take a bigger dip :wink:

I’m warning you good and helpful people that I’m buying back Mongo…


“I wasn’t sure which was the right one, but I was sure you’d pick the wrong one.”