I'm Very Proud to be Part of This Board

Because we’re a diverse group of people in all the ways possible. Instead of arguing about our differences and creating division, we’re able to respect each other and have meaningful discussions about finding the best growth stocks and building long-term wealth for ourselves, our families, and future generations.

Thanks, everyone.

Fool On,


Thank you, Austin. I agree. As someone who was excessively rude to you on this board I do want to publicly apologize. I was off base and way out of line and it has gnawed at me ever since. Few things lower than guys running mouths from behind safety of a computer screen. I am writing this not just to make nice, but because goodwill is essential to getting the best ideas. Malice only shuts people down. So, thank you very much to Austin, Bear and Matt for staying on top of all this. I would give this post 100 recs if I could. I love the Fool community, this board in particular and I am committed to doing my part to add more value this year.

Fool on,

Broadway Dan


Thanks, Dan. That means a lot. You add a lot of great value and insight to this board. I’m excited to learn even more from you in 2019 and beyond.