Just starting researching this one and bought a few shares. Immersion holds a bunch of patents on haptic technology. This company has been around for a while (1993) but the stock has never really taken off save for the dot com frenzy in 2000. I feel that maybe the technology was just ahead of it’s time and that now may be the time. Especially because of the recent interest by the automotive industry (see below). Any hoo, here are some of my random thoughts and why I stuck my toe in:

Next earnings date: August 2

Quarterly revenue growth YOY 826% (yes, you read that right)

3000 patents:…

Apple settled:…

Fool rec that was sold in 2009.

Automotive industry interest:……




Haha wow, $85 million last quarter, after $7 million the previous quarter and $35 million in 2017 total! What caused the anomaly this quarter?

Clearly they don’t expect revenue to stay up there because they said:

revenues for 2018 will be in the range of $108 million to $118 million

So the next couple quarters will be back down to only around $13 million each quarter I guess. Doesn’t seem like a steady grower at all.


The anomaly was the Apple settlement. Samsung should be next to settle. Samsung actually paid royalties for a long time and was the biggest customer. Then stopped because Apple wasn’t paying.

I don’t know if IMMR will ever show the kind of growth desired on this board, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see them acquired. Patents seem very solid

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I stand corrected. Fitbit was next to settle.…

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