Incorrect prices

Prices for a subset of companies seem to be off every week - not all, maybe half of the companies I’m interested in. It used to be that things would be corrected during the next run but it seems that is no longer the case. Any ideas on why this is?

Examples for this week: BNS, CMCSA, MDT, TJX, UPS

I use the site weekly and the information is important to me. I don’t want to be a bother especially when the content is free to me and I’d like that to continue!


Hi, Greg,

This is Doug from the team. Can you please share an example URL / page where you have seen a price issue and a timeframe when you remember a price being incorrect? Thanks!

This is not a thing. But if you want an example,
BMW Method Screen Results for UPS
The “Screen run on 09/25/2022” version.

The numbers are run on Sundays and the pricing errors have happened over the last month or two.

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Everything looks OK this week. Thanks!