index returns

fwiw, index returns for 2016 as measured by Vanguard equivalents:

sp500 +11.93%
Extended Market (rest of domestic market) +16.13%
Developed Market (mostly Europe/Asia) +2.45%
Emerging Markets +11.73 (fwiw, 10 yr rtn all of 1.87% annualized)
Total Bond Market +2.59%…
this is a good place for all the returns


We have been investing in American Century Equity Income (TWEIX) for many years, and in 2016 that fund managed to squeak out an 18% gain including dividends and distributions. I was very happy with that, and so was my wife. Of course, she can point to those returns and tell me that investing in a good mutual fund is all we need to do.

My response is always, “Wait until next year.”