India changing its name to Bharat?

Very interesting. The Hindu nationalist party is trying to purge the country of references to its British Colonial history which saw many residents enslaved under British rule. Bharat is the Hindu name for the country.



In possibly related news, PBS ran a piece on POV last night about the media environment in India. Sounds a lot like Shiny media these days.

While We Watched follows Ravish Kumar for two years as he battles a barrage of fake news, falling ratings and the resulting cutbacks while struggling to maintain fact-based analyses. Will his show survive or become a swan song of reason - drowning out in sensationalism, misinformation, and ratings-driven editorial decisions? Co-presented with The Center for Asian American Media (CAAM).

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The word “Indian” used to be pretty confusing because it described two disparate ethnic groups. If “American Indians” are now termed “Indigenous” and “Asian Indians” are termed “Bharat” could the word “Indian” vanish? :wink:


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Do people still use the term “West Indies”?



An ugly truth the national language in English (un?)declared.

India is ripping with some oat feeling. I really love that.

The money flowing so so crazy right now for many folks. It will be easy come easy go.