India in the spot light

Normally I would not bring this type on information to this board as it is macro information. But I need help. When I read the entire linked article it made sense and when reading this board, I am seeing Saul and others moving away from outstanding ratios and into more risky stocks, (if not companies) so I ask: Are we combing over the leavings and leaving the new gold mine untouched.

So, I did a little reasearch. It appears that unless you have 50 million dollars you cannot directrly invest in the Indian stock market. That leaves two choices, pay a middle man to skim the profits, (this may not be as bad as it sounds, when I tried to read the news, the word were English, but the didn’t make sense to me) or invest only in Indian companies that are ADRs on the U.S. Exchanges.

A quick search reveals that there are only 14 stocks listed.…

Is there a quick and easy way to screen them for Saul criteria?


By Raoul Pal
March 2017

I’m going to blow your mind with this following article. My mind is still reeling from my discovery and from writing this piece.

Let me enlighten you…

Companies that create massively outsized technological breakthroughs tend to capture the investing population’s attention and thus their share prices trade at huge multiples, as future growth and future revenues are extrapolated into the future.

From time to time, entire countries re-model their economies and shift their growth trajectory. The most recent example was the liberalisation of China’s economy and massive spending on infrastructure, which together created an incredibly powerful force for growth over the last two decades.

But it is very rare indeed that a country develops an outsized technological infrastructure breakthrough that leaves the rest of the world far behind.

But exactly this has just happened in India… and no one noticed.


I have enough trouble keeping pace w my US holdings. I invested in INDA a few months ago. Seems to have a decent mix of companies. It has done well. Will probably buy some more. In this case it will be a buy, hold, forget for the most part.

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ADRs are a challenge to research. Financial sites vary greatly in the amount of information available for ADRs (even the behemoth companies). One must rely on Google and toil away independently. That’s not a problem for a retired geezer such as I, but probably not worth the effort for the more time-constrained.

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