Infinera discussion on the paid boards


Just to keep those in the loop that are not currently MF subscribers, there is a discussion on the paid boards about a recent public article posted on the Fool network.

The location of that article is here:…

You may notice a few comments added below the article that challenge the author on key pieces of information that have not been reflected. You can probably guess which are mine. I believe I kept the tone respectful.

The discussion taken up on the paid boards is about the article. In it I have asked the question about representation of other key pieces of information that had not been presented in the article. Information that has been added through posts on the paid boards which can be easily checked for reference - so that a reader of a public article posted by a TMF author can properly assess Infinera with complete information.

If you care to participate in that discussion, here is a link to the RB boards where the discussion thread begins:

My apologies if you don’t have an RB subscription. I will try to post a synopsis of the discussion after it goes through its course.