Infinera wins coveted Leading Lights Award

For those following Infinera, they just won a coveted Leading Lights award for Company of the Year. This is the second year (in a row) Infinera has won this award which is itself quite remarkable.

The list of all the Leading Lights award winners are located here:…

Of interest on the award roster, Telstra has won the award for Most Innovative Ethernet/Optical Service for its PEN (Ethernet Network as a Service) solution. This solution was built using Infinera’s technology. The feat was co-announced earlier this year in a joint press release and the two have subsequently co-presented the solution in various seminars and conferences in their industry.

Also of note, Equinix has won the award for Most Innovative Carrier Cloud Service for its Cloud Exchange service. Equinix is an Infinera customer.

Great news for Infinera. No awards and no mention given for Juniper, Alcatel-Lucent, Ciena or Cyan - some of Infinera’s direct competitors.