Inflation makes dining out very expensive

David Brooks tweeted about the expense of his meal at the Newark airport. It seems he didn’t tweet all of the story.


If he would have said something like “Got bored in the airport, had a couple few whiskies. I stand by my decision.” The reaction would have been “David Brooks is a man of the people!”

Instead he got blasted and drunkenly used social media to blame his drinking problem on inflation.

Drink if you feel like it. Tweet if you must. But never drink and tweet.


Childish politicking. The alcoholic behavior of someone who wants too much and behaves poorly. His burger was $18 and that is inflation. His drunken behavior $60 for five drinks.

The price of growing up? No results.

My dining out this week:

Went to one place with a $2 off coupon. The store manager could not figure out how to ring the coupon, so gave me my meal free.

Went to another place, which had run out of some of the minor fix’ns for my sandwich, so gave me the pop for free.

Went to a BK another day. The guy at the counter suggested that they are offering 2 Whopper Juniors for $5. Sounded good to me, and I started contemplating drinkables. The guy handed me a coupon: donate $1 to a charity BK is promoting, and get a medium pop, fries, and soft serve ice cream, free.

Today, drove over to the VW dealer so they could install a part they had ordered for my car. The parts warehouse had sent the wrong part, so, to compensate for their error wasting my time, they topped up my gas tank for free. I was down to a bit over a quarter tank, so that was about $30 worth of free gas.

What “inflation”?


You will know when you pay for that part and installation…