INFN: David Welch interview @ LightReading

This is a must watch for anyone who owns stock in Infinera.…

David F. Welch, EVP at Infinera, sits down with Steve Saunders, Founder and CEO of Light Reading, to talk about optical white box technology, business strategy to maintain Infinera’s success in the changing telecom landscape, the secret of their Tier 1 breakthrough and much more.

In the exchange between the two gentlemen you can tell Steve Saunders (CEO of Light Reading) is very upbeat about Infinera’s prospects as Dave explains how the network is changing and how important the dynamic control of optical is becoming for network operators.

Another point of interest is the discussion about Inphi/Microsoft at 8:00 and then what David has to say about its impact to Infinera at 11:25

“We’ve got our projections for our business and this doesn’t change those projections at all.”



Kevin, this was definitely worth watching…thank you.

It is rather tempting to load up in INFN shares. I already have a fairly healthy position which I have been building up over time. Could be a good time to pick up some more.