Infographic: Nuclear’ Power's Aging Issue

The “atomic age” used to be a futuristic phrase, hinting at wonders to come. Nuclear power is still pretty neat—featuring low operating costs and zero carbon emissions—but the difficulty in building new reactors in recent decades has taken the youthful shine off the technology.

A recent report by Mycle Schneider Consulting underscores the problem. The World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2022 is a 385-page comprehensive document that covers virtually every aspect of the technology and every country developing new reactors.

Interesting graphs - USA and France have the oldest nuclear power plants.


France has been suffering shortage of nuclear power generation for over a year due their old reactors having corrosion problems in critical nuclear safety equipment and piping. Reactors have been shutdown for testing, repair and other maintenance while Europe is facing energy shortages. French are having to import electricity from their neighbors. French are paying more for electricity than their neighbors like Germany.

And now we read that Bill Gates’ modular reactor project in Wyoming is delayed 2 years because necessary fuel is made only in Russia.

Should we shout shortage of infrastructure in large CAPs?

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