Intel exits NUC business

A distraction, I am guessing.

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And one might suspect the competition is eating their lunch.

I wonder if the demand is not very strong for this box. I would get an AMD one if I was in the market for a new computer. I don’t game so this size/price range probably is what I would get…doc

About a month ago Intel exited the server box business. This is somewhere around the 10th business Intel has exited, as they expand into the silicon foundry business. Over the past twenty years or so Intel has struggled to find a way to expand beyond their base X86 business, without much success. About three years ago the decision was made to expand into the silicon foundry business, with an investment close to $100B. As a result, many of the other directions are slowly being sold off. Another example is the very large Mobileye automotive electronics business that Intel did an IPO for last year.

Intel’s acquisition of Tower semiconductor has been held up by Chinese regulators for over a year now. With the Intel CEO visit to China this week, the logjam is expected to finally break. This acquisition would grow both the foundry customer base, and their internal competency in foundry operations. I view Intel as still in the high risk, high potential returns category as they transition their business model.

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Plenty of small boxes out there, no need for you to focus on the NUC as your only option.

Honestly, dovetailing with my recent post about the popularity of used PCs I love the idea of little boxes
like this just for casual use in a home or small business:

or for Win11

If you’re determined to buy new there’s still plenty. For example:

If you are okay with somewhat older you can get closer to $100-150 for a perfectly serviceable little box for day to day use.

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