Interesting article on Skyworks…

…Skyworks checks all the boxes as an attractive momentum investment. Shares are up solidly for the right reasons - robust sales and earnings growth. Thanks to well-known industry tailwinds, the impressive growth and, in turn, strong stock performance promises to continue.

What few investors realize, though, is Skyworks is close to commercially debuting a disruptive technology with a transformative impact on its profitability…



Have you looked at RESN?


From RESN 10Q

“We have earned no revenue since inception, and our operations have been funded with the initial capital contributions and debt. We have incurred accumulated losses totaling $19.0 million from inception through September 30, 2014. These losses are primarily the result of research and development costs associated with commercializing our technology, combined with start-up and financing costs. We expect to continue to incur substantial costs for commercialization of our technology on a continuous basis because our business model involves developing and licensing custom filter designs.”

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