Interesting IT Columnist

The recent thread about Rubicon reminded my about Robert X. Cringely’s recent columns about Big Data, including its use in advertising:…


“The truth about advertising. Google bills advertisers but what makes them all that money is the advertisers pay those bills. While this may sound simplistic, often advertisers don’t really want to know how well their campaigns are going. If it were ever clear what a ridiculously low yield there was on most advertising, ad agencies would go out of business. And since agencies not only make the ads, they also typically place them for customers, in the ad industry’s point of view it is sometimes better not to know.”

He’s written a lot of interesting articles on his website, and also recently wrote an article for Seeking Alpha about what’s wrong with IBM. He’s not a financial guy, but his knowledge about computer technology is helpful for figuring out tech stocks.

Cringely is his pseudonym, originally used in Computerworld many years ago. He also wrote “Triumph of the Nerds”, about the early history of PC’s.