Interesting tidbits

I occasionally like to look at open jobs at various companies. Here are some interesting tidbits .

Almost all the companies need people who can do big data. Lots of postings for machine learning.
Hadoop/spark/mapr seems to still be very much needed for our companies. I’m guessing that our companies have the expertise so others don’t need it. I.e. people that use Mongo’s database, or zscalers service.

they use elastic search

lots of postings for jobs in the big data arena. Hadoop, Elastic Search, Spark,

postings for machine learning for log analysis (think elastic and nanolog)

many postings for working with azure/google cloud/aws

many postings for linux, networking, etc to run their own hardware.

They have to be able to handle 8-10 million queries a second through a no-sql database. Those are crazy throughput numbers.

They use a no-sql database called aerospike (sadly not mongo)

logging tools -Graphite, Grafana, Nagios/Icinga, or SumoLogic