Interoute - faster than AWS, Azure and Backspace

Interoute is an Infinera customer.

Interoute cloud platform proves faster than AWS, Azure and Rackspace for network throughput, latency, and transfer speeds…

London, 22 March 2016: Interoute, owner-operator of a global cloud services platform and one of Europe–s largest networks, has today announced that its Interoute Virtual Data Centre (VDC) Cloud platform has tested highest for wide area network (WAN) performance in London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Madrid, Milan, Paris, New York and Santa Clara in Silicon Valley when compared to cloud services from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Backspace.

Network performance is a key determinant of user experience for cloud-based software applications. Lower latency and higher throughput can support a more responsive and superior experience for users as well as lowering IT operating costs for the enterprise. Interoute VDC is a hyper-converged digital platform, with cloud computing capabilities built straight into Interoute’s vast next generation network. Performance is optimised and latency minimised as data is routed across this global backbone.

The full report, including the research methodology, is available here Key research findings are as follows:
• Interoute had the highest overall performance in each of the six European endpoints (London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Madrid, Milan and Paris), which is crucial for customers with high network demands who want to keep their servers within Europe.
• Interoute had the highest overall performance for each of the two American endpoints (New York and Santa Clara).
Key research findings for London are as follows:
• Interoute achieved 53% – 277% higher network performance between its London data center and the London user endpoint compared with connections on Amazon, Microsoft and Rackspace, according to the overall Index Score.
• Both Interoute and Rackspace operate data centers in London and had the lowest latencies of the four providers tested, which could be influenced by physical distance.

Matthew Finnie, CTO at Interoute, commented: “Successful enterprises are developing strategies to digitally transform their business and seeing the cloud as the key to this evolution. To ensure efficient business critical IT operations can co-exist with the migration, consolidation and agile work processes transformation, a reliable platform performance is vital. As this independent report shows, Interoute’s global networked cloud is a fast digital platform that can support the enterprise need for high speed cloud infrastructure performance locally and globally.”
Danny Gee, Senior Analyst, Cloud Spectator added: “Users expect to be able to transfer large amounts of data between their cloud infrastructure and various locations outside the network. It is important they know the actual performance and the consequent capabilities of their cloud provider. Businesses with users in close proximity to the cities we have tested in this report should consider Interoute’s large data center footprint and strong network performance when evaluating cloud service providers.”

As part of the independent research tests, Cloud Spectator set up endpoints in eight cities. To get a realistic measure of how a typical enterprise user would experience the different cloud services, Cloud Spectator tested overall network performance between virtual machines running in cloud provider data centres and endpoint virtual machines running in the data centre of an independent hosting provider in the location city. Performance aspects tested included network throughput, latency and transfer speed. The report revealed that in all the comparisons the Interoute service achieved better overall performance compared with the other providers. The data analysed in the report was collected between 1/14/2016 and 1/23/2016.