Interview with Alteryx CFO…

Rubin added that Alteryx will often initially be used within a company by non-technical workers in departments such as sales/marketing, finance and operations, and will later be used by data scientists as a firm makes a larger deployment and gets its IT department involved.

We are seeing more and more of our customers leveraging Alteryx for more advanced analytics, including [machine learning] and AI," Rubin said. He noted that whereas the percentage of Alteryx customers using its software for what he terms “advanced analytics capabilities” was in the low 40s in 2017, the figure is now “at or above 60%.”

Recently, Alteryx unveiled Assisted Modeling, a wizard (currently in beta) that helps regular data analysts create machine learning models without any need for coding. Rubin argued the solution is likely to yield better results than alternatives that take a “black box” approach in which an optimization algorithm makes decisions for a user.