Interview with Crowdstrike CTO

Couple highlights from the article:
70% of CrowdStrike’s workforce is remote during normal times so we are not skipping a beat.

We were purpose-built to be remote-first from the beginning, over eight years ago, so all systems and tools are in place to support remote work running smoothly at scale. However, that’s definitely not been the case with every business. As organizations have been forced to have employees work remotely in order to avoid spreading COVID-19, significant cybersecurity challenges have been introduced.

To help organizations cope with these new and unexpected developments, CrowdStrike has introduced a pair of new programs to help organizations effectively and efficiently deal with the sudden burst in remote workers and avoid any unnecessary business interruptions.

For corporate-owned devices, CrowdStrike is now offering a Burst Licensing promotion that is designed to ensure that CrowdStrike’s customers are able to remain nimble and rapidly deploy new systems for remote workers as needed, without the risk of becoming hindered by their existing license structure.

For employee-owned devices, CrowdStrike is introducing Falcon for Home, allowing organizations to provide their employees with a low-cost option for securing their personal Windows devices, without impacting performance.

By and large, CrowdStrike recommends adopting a strong defensive posture by ensuring strong endpoint protection, a security plan for BYOD policies, cyber hygiene such as multi-factor authentication solutions, and by providing security awareness for employees working from home.…