Intro question

I’m a longtime MF member who is just discovering this board (shame on me!!). I’m looking forward to learning along with the rest. After reading through some of the basics, I did have one question jump out at me. It’s clear in this day and age business models have changed as outlined very well in this post:…

My question is in trying to figure out how to incorporate these changes into some of the Graphing and PE info outlined in the Knowlegdebase series. While this board hasn’t totally abandoned PE as a tool, there has been a change in considering companies that might be losing money. Does the general Graphing info still apply to anything other than recent growth rates? Are there any good posts toward tracking or graphing now that there’s more flexibility around linking it back to PE to help determine price points?

I apologize if I’m not grasping some of these concepts just yet. I’ve been crash-coursing on this board for about a week now and am trying to put things into a more actionable perspective.