Invalid-destination-address... error message

Moral of the story:
If you keep doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results… you will be rewarded.

My DearSis moved her cell service to Walmart’s Straight Talk… a couple years ago, and suffered the famous “customer service” for which all things Walmart are famous.

DS got fed up, and a couple days ago, returned her cell service to Verizon, with a new phone (as I understand it).

[<<< DS says she was charged $11.83 (? It was 11 something) to get “her” number back to Verizon. (DS had ported that number to Straight Talk when she originally moved).
I thought this was illegal? >>>]

DS commented that someone had tried unsuccessfully to send her a photo.

I sent a photo and got the error message “invalid-destination-address”.

I sent a couple different photos, with and without SMS.

Photos with or without SMS always generated the “invalid-destination-address” error.
SMS (without photo attached) were successfully sent.

I Googled the error message and got…
I pointed her to #4. Call Verizon, ask the tech to conduct the network settings reconfiguration on your line and it will probably fix the issue. Once they reconfigure the settings, just restart the phone.

Apparently DS contacted V this morning.
DS sent a photo to me, with attached text.
I “shared” it back to her.
FIRST time… “Failed” message.
I SMSd her, which was apparently successful.
I then clicked “resend” on the failed image… it apparently was sent successfully.
I sent her a photo from my gallery with a text attached… and got "invalid-destination-address ".

I clicked “resend” and it was apparently successful.

I then sent a third photo and attached text, which was apparently successful.

ralph uses “apparently” to indicate that I’ve not actually communicated directly with DS this morning. I’ve sent the texts, but she hasn’t responded.

I tried calling, the phone rang, rang… maybe 6 or so times, and I got this “Welcome to the message management system. Please enter your mailbox number”.

Uhmmm… what?

Maybe I’m in a twilight zone episode?

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