Iowa gov refuses fed funding for poor children's food during summer

Makes one wonder about what other federal (and other) benefits Iowa citizens are being denied. Refusing funding from multiple sources (not just the fed govt) can lead to substantial economic underperformance over the longer term.


It doesn’t look like states in general are jumping all over this program. The large majority haven’t signed up, and this is after the program has been around for a decade.

“At least 18 states and territories and two tribal nations — Cherokee Nation and Chickasaw Nation — have announced they intend to participate in Summer EBT in 2024”


Dear Governor Reynolds:

Jesus gave away food.

Just sayin’

Your pal,


…because “JCs” need that child labor, so deny the kids food, or housing, to drive the kids into the “JC’s” arms.

Zathrus on being a Prole.


Always a ‘thumbs up’ for a Zathrus reference!



Did he grow the food?

The Captain


A clever but irrelevant question. I think they call it sophistry?
Fact: The food is already there. None of this is special order. Somebody (these “growers”) are getting paid in the process as are the purveyors and deliverers. Nobody’s going any extra mile. Just another item sold to just another customer. So, at the operational end of things, yes it’s like Jesus food. It’s there.

I know, I know. It sucks because “the tax payers are paying for it.” Are they? I thought we overspent, Printed money, Sold bonds, to get money because we never have enough money. And I don’t hear anybody making money off of this complaining. And these types of programs are hardly running up the national debt anyway. It’s chump change.

The only really huge wads that run up the national debt are as follows:

Defense. Well known scapegoat but maybe a necessary evil with no technical solution. A discussion for another day

Social Security/Medicare/ all other support payments. In other words, that money you are forced to spot your lazy, slick, greedy, pie-in-the-sky scheming brother-in-law because you don’t want your sister and the kids to sleep on park benches. IOW, covering for what capitalism won’t or can’t do.

And because it’s Christmas I’m not bothering to look up just how much all direct and indirect subsidizing of “private industry” is costing us.

Seriously, take all the Government money and fake money, out of the system and see what happens.


Prior to birth, the government must dictate what care is provided.

Once the tykes pop out, they’re on their own. You want to eat? Get a job.


I suppose in one sense he did: according to the “Good Book” [good for some], he created it. Growing food from magic is great, as long as the magic works.


Any different from printing stuff? What believers believe is real (for them anyway). :thinking:

The Captain

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“We just want to make sure that they’re out. They’re at church camps. They’re at schools. They’re at 4-H. And we’ll take care of them at all of the places that they’re at, so that they’re out amongst (other people) and not feeding a welfare system with food at home,” Pillen said.

This guy’s a doucher, we’ll take care of them everywhere, but home…

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She should stop taking her government check. She is sitting on her behind not putting any effort into her job. If she had to work for a living she’d probably starve. Her government healthcare works for her as well. Her government pension never earned works for her as well.

God forbid she give up her socialist checks and benefits.

An opportunity for her to $crew the vulnerable. Using churches to make it respectable.

Tax cuts for the wealthy.

FWIW, Connecticut isn’t participating in the Summer EBT program either.

There are a number of programs giving away food.

"Summer EBT will supplement existing summer meal programs for children, namely the Summer Food Service Program and the Seamless Summer Option…

“Students must be individually certified as eligible for the program…This means many state child nutrition agencies and state education agencies will have to work together to determine which students are eligible to receive benefits.”



When your state just cut corporate taxes and has a 1.8 billion dollar surplus, but you refuse to accept fed funding to feed poor children…the optics are bad.

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Pillen is a business AND economic idiot. It is least expensive to eat at home–so the taxpayer dollar goes furthest. Pillen wants to “intercept” that flow of money and siphon as much as possible into his/her/its pocket(s). Maybe it is time for a federal investigation. Oh, forget the “maybe”… DO IT !!

But I’ll bet Pillen is all for home schooling and vouchers for church schools.

Nonsense. The approval process ran into June 2023. It will run into June 2024.

Do you have a statement from CT that they are refusing it?

This was the June 2023 approval.

Somebody needed to tell the USDA. Connecticut does not appear on their list for 2024 as of yesterday. You are confusing the Summer-EBT program which has been around for 10 or 12 years with the P-EBT program, a temporary pandemic program which is no longer operating.
States, territories, and eligible tribal nations have until Jan. 1, 2024, to notify FNS in summer 2024. The states, territories, and tribal nations listed below have announced their intent to launch next summer. This list will be updated weekly."


One can speculate why the AP writer of the originally linked article focused on Iowa and Nebraska. He could have just as easily written about Connecticut and Rhode Island or New York and Pennsylvania – a whole different set of governors to disparage.



I got in touch with my state reps to alert our governor. See what happens.

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