iPhone 13 was huge, but

… will the iPhone 14 be “huger”?


Hi! Well that’s good news. I was a little worried with all the ho-hum youtuber sentiment I was seeing. Is Apple recession proof?

So just testing to see if I have got the hang of this new system.

Not sure either, other than finding this in Tags, not sure where to find the other Favorites, I think I saw METAR, but not the Home maint. or Car maint… Etc… Or Edit…


Your favorites were converted to tracking for you so new activity will show up in the sidebar, but if you want to find them, there are two ways.

  1. Look in the central column of the home page (click the Jester cap in the upper left togo there). That lists all the old boards, by their same name, in the same bucket they were on the old site. So, check out the Personal Finances category for the ones you mentioned:
  2. Click the pencil next to Category in the sidebar on the left. In the Categories section, you can add any you want and they will show up on the sidebar and you can click straight in from there:

Replying to myself at present but wondering where the “Post New topic” is here?

Well, it’s not inside a topic but just click Apple at the top of this thread and you’ll see the New Topic button and you can start there.


Somehow I ended up with several PC things in my sidebar but don’t see how to remove them. Lots to figure out. Thanks for the note!

A couple of days ago things were looking great for the iPhone 14. Today . . . not so much.

Well, like many other times, by the end of the day, the brainiac kids must get tired and AAPL begins to recover… Not to panic…