iPhone locator? App?

Sorry guys, but these new boards are messing with my brain. Is there an Apple iOS help board now? If I have an iPhone question, can I post it here? Here goes… delete if I am in the wrong place. Can my spouse and I have “locate my iPhone” on each other’s phones? Can someone explain how I would set it up? Right now, if we misplace our phone, one of us calls the other person’s phone… but if the lost phone is muted, that doesn’t really help us. Can someone explain where this is in “settings?” We both have iPhone 10’s.

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This is the right place, but I know nothing about iOS.

Hey Footsox. I think under the new regime you are not supposed to post anything regarding help for anything other than Financial stuff. That’s why the Fool has gone down the tubes in a big way. They deleted all the good “categories”. You can probably get away with asking your question here in the Help with this STUPID computer category or the Apple tag.

Sorry I can’t help with your question though. Just had to type all that stuff to get over the 20 character limit. Good luck.

Try this…
Can my spouse and I have “locate my iPhone” on each other’s phones?



Sure you can. There is an HWTSC board here and also Apple Users Group now. Both of you can set up each other in “find my phone” we do it, just designate “sharing of location” with each other

Made me look, but the only other spot is the Apple Stock board, where we’ve attempted to maybe stimulate the old Apple User Group board… Last I heard we still don’t have, and now the default is here to the HWTSC, but I think we’ve maybe lost some of our Apple gurus of old TMF. Another resource is the actual Apple forums, many, many very say folks there, in specific fields of interest of your choice. Also asking the right Google search question can find all manner of answers, but some may be misleading. One I clicked on earlier got me hooked into a McAffee ad, trying to say I had 4 bad guys aboard and I needed to buy their garbage, closing that tab killed it.

Locally, here in Calif, all the Mac User Groups have pretty much folded, BMUG, NCMUG, there was an Oklahoma MUG I used to see on Facebook, still going, but it seems there isn’t the need for support groups… We used to have a local PC group here, too, in fact we shared officers for. while, but they, too have closed down… It took a lot of work by the volunteer officers, and they just got burned out… But we at one time had discounts at our local Best buy on any computer parts, cables… No more…

Meantime, here we are at HWTSC!

  1. Post away here. It’s the only computer/phone/tablet/general technology board I know of on the new TMF.

B. As mentioned, sharing location from your phone would be the thing to do. In settings, search for “Find My iPhone.” On that screen, make sure Find My iPhone is on. Tap that top line to access the toggle. While there, you can optionally turn on Find My network (which I think uses bluetooth to connect with other iPhones if your phone can’t get cellular data or wifi). Send Last Location will send your last location to Apple if your battery is very low. That will then show up on your iCloud web site.

The “my Location” field should already be on This Device. If you have a second iPhone or an iPad on your Apple ID, those devices can switch your location to their location. And of course, the third item, Share My Location, needs to be on. Why do you need both Find My iPhone and Share My Location? Beats me. It’s Apple.

Lastly, who to share your location with? The people who can see your location are listed at the bottom of the screen. But to add someone, you need to go to their contact, scroll to the bottom, and hit Share My Location there. You’ll get some options for the length of time to share. That can be handy if you’ve got a group getting together for something like lunch or a movie. Share for an hour some others can see how close your are. Share for a day if you’re spending the day together. Or share indefinitely so your spouse can find you. Or not. Their contact is also where you go to stop sharing your location.

III. You can also accomplish the same thing without sharing by going to iCloud.com, sign in with your Apple ID and go to the Find My app. While this takes no set up, I suspect taking the time to set up sharing with your spouse (or kids) will be quicker if you’ve misplaced your phone. You’ll also need some other Apple device (another phone, an iPad, a Mac) associated with your Apple ID to get the code for 2 factor authorization so you can actually log in.



You select your wife in the messaging app on your iphone. When it opens up her info on your phone you will see a share my location choice. Select that and share location indefinitely will be one of the choices. If you choose that you will be able to see her location all the time.

She has to select your name and do the same thing on her phone. You can also find these options in your contacts. You don’t need to add any apps, its already built into your iphone. HTH…doc