iPhone not only iProduct tanking

One problem with fast moving technology is that product cycles are short. Make sure to look at the iPod chart:


Apple’s long iPad nightmare might be coming to an end

For nearly three years, iPad sales have been falling on a quarterly basis, a disappointing run for a device repeatedly held up as the “future of computing.”

It was no different this past quarter. Apple said it only sold 10.2 million iPads, down from 19% from the year-ago quarter’s 12.62 million in sales.

But iPad sales actually significantly outperformed Wall Street expectations last quarter. And during a call to discuss Apple’s results, CEO Tim Cook sounded optimistic that iPad sales have bottomed out:

We continue to be very optimistic on the iPad business. And as I had said in my remarks, we believe we’re going to have the best compare for iPad revenue this quarter that we have had in quite some time. And so we’ll report back in July on that one.


Denny Schlesinger

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