IQVIA, Lawsuit, Phara Industry, & You

Today’s subject is a near secret trial about a big merger, whose outcome will be determined between Christmas and New Year’s, the slowest period for news.

The firm being sued is called IQVIA, it’s a corporation that few outside of the pharmaceutical industry have heard about, but one that controls how doctors learn about medicine. And as you’ll see, even if you don’t know them, IQVIA, and its frat-boy executives, know a LOT about you.

doctors, though imagined as pure scientists in white coats, are targets for aggressive marketing campaigns, because getting information to doctors about which pills to give patients is big business.

Given the trends in American business towards monopolization since the 1980s, it won’t surprise you to learn there’s one corporation that stands between pharmaceutical firm marketing divisions and the doctor with the pen. It’s called IQVIA

IQVIA is now embroiled in a fight with the Federal Trade Commission over a merger that will determine the future of this $600 billion of spending, and more broadly, which medicines get developed and sold worldwide.

the FTC alleges IQVIA is trying to monopolize advertising to health care professionals (HCP) by buying up two of the three key firms that run online advertising targeted at doctors.

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