Is Coupa a coronaloser?

While we’ve been focused on the good fortunes of Zoom adoption, I can’t help but wonder if the ‘stay at home’ trend will have a negative impact on Coupa? Fewer transactions. Fewer office supplies. Less air travel (hello Yapta acquisition).

My investing thesis for Coupa uses words like ‘recession proof’. I’m questioning that now.

Or, if you believe in the long view (which I do), it could be a buying opportunity at below $150.


Really? Corona is overblown… the child of FUD. The media loves to fan the flames of panic and sensationalism. Ever notice how the drums of Russia, Venezuela, and climate change have been lost to the Covid stories… Media is fighting for eyes, ears, and page views.

Weather the storm. Trying to play to its weaknesses and strengths is just another market timing fraud. Don’t be swayed.

I’m not budging on Coupa without convincing data that management has failed.

If you have hard data suggesting Coupa’s future is blemished, please share. I don’t see that.

For not in my bow do I trust, nor can my sword save me.


You might be right, Roy. But Coupa gets paid by the transaction. And the events listed on the Zoom thread are real events. (put a price tag on an event…$100K? More? Less? It’s all part of spend management)…

Southwest Airlines announced a hit of $300MM that has surfaced in the last 2 weeks. American Express has stated that 8% of all credit card transactions are for air travel. This could be a short-term issue (and I sure hope it is). But I find it hard to believe that with a short term disruption in so much business that Coupa is going to Beat and Raise on March 16th. (again, it could all come back in the next quarter)

We may know more tomorrow. Coupa presented this morning at the MS Technology and Media Conference. The stock has been flat at -2% since then.

Long COUP at 6%