Is this happening in your state too? After losing in court, banks and credit unions are going to the legislature

The revival of a bill that would allow banks to change contract terms without explicit consent from their users rang alarm bells for consumer advocates but faced little opposition in the House. Additionally, the proposal would override two recent opinions from the Indiana Supreme Court.

The move coincides with another bill, this time in the Senate, that would shorten the statute of limitations for consumers to take legal action against their banks while simultaneously capping award amounts.

For Erin Macey, the director of the Indiana Community Action Poverty Institute, both pieces of legislation further erode already weak protections for Hoosier consumers and haven’t received enough attention.

“At their heart, I think they’re about the same issue. On a very basic level, banks and credit unions are being sued over their overdraft fees,” Macey said. “Rather than let that play out in the courts, they are going to the legislature to permanently take away consumer protections. Every person who has a checking or a savings account should hear about this.”


I have seen flox of “JCs” change contract terms at will, saying “your continued use of the service/account will be your consent to these changes of terms”. I complained to Comcast when they cut off access to HBO and Showtime, as the package I signed up for, with a cable company they had bought, included those services, with no time limit. Comcast could not care less what contract I had. They said I didn’t have the services, period.